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Jan 30, 2020 | Blog

A happy New Year & decade to all of you! As I’m writing this blog, both my youngest kid and I are recovering from the flu (hello, surprise #1). I could write a whole lot about THAT experience, but I’ll spare you the details. The only good part about getting the flu is that I’ve had little choice but to slow down this week. That’s not a bad thing especially since I got back from attending LSC’s ITC conference in Portland less than a week prior to the flu dropping a bomb in the Garcia household. Oh and if you’ve never attended ITC, I highly recommend it. While the focus is on innovations in technology, there are other cool conversations happening including my favorite – Pro Bono! 

As I promised in my last blog, I’m happy and eager to share what goals Collaborative Justice Partners (CJP) has for 2020, but it’s coming with the typical attorney disclaimer that this is subject to change.   

For 2020, CJP is:  

Expanding Communications & Marketing: Folks will know of CJP’s good work & interests, but only if we communicate it. Loudly and proudly. I hired a spectacular marketing guru (check out Alina here) and our work together in late 2019 was eye-opening. It’s not that I was doing a bad job, but there is lots of room for improvement. I always welcome feedback as we rev that up in February! It’s one of the ways I can keep learning. It’s not just about letting folks know about our good work, but also about sharing the cool stuff (and great work) others are doing in the A2J space.

Expanding Partnerships: There’s a new partnership brewing in the works at this very moment and I’m excited to see where it takes CJP. In addition to the one I have in mind, CJP is open to establishing other partnerships because our name wasn’t ever about having two business partners, but our company partnering with other ones so we could collaborate and create more efficiencies for our clients. It seems like many groups are happy to keep reinventing the wheel but it makes no sense to me. 

Creating a New Offering: This one is still just starting to brew, but I have an idea, in the pro bono space, that I know would bring value to any organization that is truly invested in pro bono and ready to step up their game.

On a personal note, you’ll see I’ve included a picture of my 2020 vision board. I started creating vision boards a few years ago and it’s been incredibly helpful process to identify what I’d like to accomplish that year. Does it all pan out? Not necessarily. Do I feel I get closer to my goals by doing it and looking over it often? Absolutely.  For example, as you’ll see on my 2020 vision board, I included snow & that already happened (surprise #2)! Originally there was snow in the forecast while I was in Portland, but everyone I knew from Portland told me it rarely, if ever, happens. My dear friend from college that’s lived most of her life in Portland wanted to take me hiking to Multnomah Falls, not too far from Portland. I bought wool hiking socks for the first time in my life! When we arrived, it had snowed overnight and even though I was so excited to see fresh snow on the ground, this Florida native, for the first time, can say “it’s snowing!” It snowed for a solid fifteen minutes.  A truly magical experience, as someone from Orlando would definitely say! 

Everybody told me it wouldn’t happen, but it did. So I’m pretty certain 2020 will be just as unpredictable as 2019 turned out to be. Just remember we’re all in this together – so let’s enjoy the ride! 

May 2020 be your best year yet! 


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