It’s not Good-bye but Until We Meet Again!

Oct 13, 2019 | Blog, News

This is a bittersweet blog post to write, but at CJP we pride ourselves on being transparent with our clients, colleagues, and ourselves. So, here’s the deal: As of October 15, 2019, Ericka will be running CJP on her own!

While she continues to provide our clients the same high-quality service she’s always been known for, my work, while it will also continue, will be in a new capacity.

One of our clients is at the point where they are ready to push through the challenges of becoming a law practice more rooted in client-centered design. They are ready to analyze challenges and to reduce waste and gain efficiencies in systems in ways that positively impact clients and staff. That type of heavy lift requires more than CJP is able to offer through a consulting contract.

The result is that I have been offered a full-time management position to work with the team and push us all forward and way beyond our comfort zones. As much as I love CJP and everything it has provided and taught me in a year and a half, going back to work at a local legal aid program is an opportunity that I could not turn down. (And OMG, I am never going to have to write 5 grant-funding applications in less than 10 days again!)

Transparency and integrity are two of the many reasons we started CJP – to be more authentic in our work, have free space to challenge our growth and potential, and to be present for ourselves and our families. Since April 2018 we’ve been incredibly lucky to work with amazing clients in Florida and across the country who have taught us as much as, or even more, than we’ve taught them. And at the end of the day – as current, former, recovering, or otherwise legal aid lawyers at heart – we’re all on the same team pursuing access, justice, economic mobility, and the destruction of archaic structures and barriers that no longer serve communities.

When you check out our website you’ll see that Ericka will be focusing on the skills and services she’s truly passionate about and where her expertise shines: advancing pro bono systems, cultivating relationships, and developing stronger justice systems and networks. Most folks would rather walk on coals than dive deep into the weeds and minutia of grant writing, grants management, and operations. Luckily for me, those are my specialties. You may be able to twist Ericka’s arm to work on pro bono grants, but I assure you that her first love is pro bono. So, CJP may still perform minimal grant writing, but that won’t be a major focus going forward.

Does this mean good-bye for me from CJP? Typical lawyer answer: it depends. There may be limited opportunities for me to work with Ericka on projects. But one thing is certain: you never know what tomorrow brings, or what unknow opportunities are waiting for you behind those doors unless you are willing to trust and push yourself. So, until we meet again, thank you for the opportunities to learn, grow, and become even more empowered to fight for those who don’t have a voice.

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