How Did 2020 Go Sideways?

Everyone I knew had high hopes for 2020. I know I did. I got my vision board ready and even shared it with all of you. Just the trips I had already planned ensured this year was going to be epic. And it has been, but for very different reasons! COVID-19 changed our...

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New Beginnings & Surprises

A happy New Year & decade to all of you! As I’m writing this blog, both my youngest kid and I are recovering from the flu (hello, surprise #1). I could write a whole lot about THAT experience, but I’ll spare you the details. The only good part about getting the...

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Wrapping Up 2019 with Grace & Gratitude

A lot has changed for Collaborative Justice Partners this year and while I’m still feeling my way around running the business on my own, I wanted to share what I’m most grateful for as 2019 is wrapping up. I like to make lists, for pretty much anything and everything,...

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It’s not Good-bye but Until We Meet Again!

This is a bittersweet blog post to write, but at CJP we pride ourselves on being transparent with our clients, colleagues, and ourselves. So, here’s the deal: As of October 15, 2019, Ericka will be running CJP on her own! While she continues to provide our clients the...

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Top 5 Things To Consider During Grant Writing Season

While Summer is in full swing and we are enjoying time with our family and friends, it’s time to get geared up and start preparing for Fall grant application season.  Below are 5 Top Things to start thinking on now before Grant Applications and Requests for Proposals...

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Celebrating our First Year in Business!

April is a special month for us since it means we’re celebrating a year in business. We still can’t believe it’s been a whole year! Part of celebrating this milestone, as we figure most folks do, includes looking back on the past year and figuring out what lessons...

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